The French System

The French System

It started long ago with Napoleon introducing the French Baccalaureat

March 17, 1808, Napoléon Bonaparte creates the First Baccalauréat (12th grade exam) 31 candidates passed (In 2017: 718,980 candidates passed (87%))

In 1860, the French Government establishes a first curriculum for the preschooler.

Since then and with new discoveries in sciences, neurosciences, sociology, psychology and education, the curriculum has been reformed and is still an ongoing process.

Maria Montessori, Celestin Frenet, Jean Piaget and Steiner-Walfdorf have been studied by the French teachers because our program is taking a little bit or a big chunk of their view on the education. The result is a mix of the difference educational tendency .

Nothing in the curriculum is left to the unknown or based on guesswork. Directions from the French Ministry of Education are set, goals are defined and results are expected.

Inspectors oversee teachers and programs on a regular basis.

The French Program explain:

We base our curriculum on the French educational system, incorporating Cycles.

First cycle: 2, 3, 4 & 5 years old.

Second Cycle: Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade

Third cycle: 4th, 5th & 6th grade

Because all students do not progress at the same pace in all subjects, these cycles provide the necessary flexibility to accommodate children’s’ diverse learning abilities, while keeping them stimulated and challenged. This educational method also allows teachers to better evaluate students’ retention and workload. As is common in France, some classes at La Petite Ecole might be organized by cycle rather than grade, resulting in split or combined classes. Our focus is to find what works best for the students. “Success report” is created during each cycle, and are shared with the parents twice per year in Preschool and three times per year for all other grades. At the same time, students’ progress is discussed during parent–teacher conferences.

The French system is also based on family values like politeness, respect and good manners.