Our Philosophy

Our Vision and Philosophy

By opening The French Preschool of Encinitas, la mAternelle b we wanted to create a family and nurturing environment where kids will be happy to come to school. We also have the chance to be on a ½ acre of luxurious nature that surrounding us.P1000594

We also wanted kids to be kids and enjoy their time, so everything the students will learn will be through games and fun. From many years of experience we can tell you that students are able to perform great things even younger than 2 years old. By how you will present the learning concept shows if  the child will accept it or not.

We never force anything on a child and we do respect their time. Time to play, time to learn, time to be curious, time to sleep, time to “fool around”,etc.

We will always offer the students many activities that they can join in. Games that they can play whether they show interest or not our teachers will carry out with the same patience knowing that at one point the children will be interested in what we will offer them. The variety and the exposure will work their charm in the learning process. We will “feed” the students with knowledge at their own pace and will be very understandable knowing that students do not progress at the same pace in all subjects, it  is only when they are 5-6 years old that everybody will be at the same level.

Happiness will be the most important ingredient of our learning process. A happy child will learn anything and everything.

We are firm believers of exposing young children to a second language. The younger the better. What may seem daunting for us adult as to learn a second language is easy and fun for a preschooler. They have no apprehension and no self-conscience limiting them in mastering a second language. The benefits of learning a second language are priceless!

Scientific evidences point to children having nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning a second language,join us at la mAternelle J to see why!