Jr Kindergarden Program

Junior Kindergarten

The first thing is to understand that everything will be taught through games. We want our little ones to have fun and develop a learning skill for life.


Learning Techniques

  • Behavior towards learning
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motors Skills


  • French oral language: understanding short stories
  • Memorization of songs and poems
  • Early literacy: recognition of his/her own name, classmate and simple words
  • Visiting the French library


  • World discovery
  • Applied learning and social responsibility
  • Respect, Engaging and appreciation in their community and  school
  • Understanding and adapting to school rules
  • Follow class rules


  • Time and space concepts
  • Classification
  • Enumeration
  • Counting Numbers
  • Adding and removing objects

Physical Education

  • Controlling his/her body through exercise and games
  • Lateralization and coordination
  • Cooperation games
  • Following and respecting rules
  • Respecting teammates and opponent

Fine Arts and Music

  • Creating art with different materials
  • Observing how art is made
  • Copying and tracing masters (Picasso, Miro…)